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Game Of Sultans Tipps

Screenshots Game of Sultans; Trailer Game of Sultans; Beschreibung Game of Sultans; Tipps Game of Sultans; Herunterladen Game of Sultans für Android. Auf spieletipps bekommst du Walktroughs, Kurztipps, Cheats & Meinungen aus der Gamer Community! Gameshark Codes (Code Breaker Codes). Tipps & Lösungen. Game of Sultans stürzt immer ab und Du weißt nicht woran es liegt? Dann erfahre hier was Du tun kannst wenn Game of Sultans ständig.

Es gibt neue Events in Game of Sultans

Tipps & Lösungen · Game of Sultans Probleme & Fehler beheben - Lösungen. Ähnliche Meldungen: Waffenrecht kompakt Probleme & Fehler beheben –. Auf spieletipps bekommst du Walktroughs, Kurztipps, Cheats & Meinungen aus der Gamer Community! Gameshark Codes (Code Breaker Codes). Und so hat auch dieses Game of Sultans hier einen großen Anspruch und zwar eine spannende Kombination aus Imperiums-Simulation und.

Game Of Sultans Tipps Game of Sultans guide, tips, cheats & strategies: – Video

Game of Sultans - GOS - Wie pushe ich meinen Account? - wie level ich.. deutsch

Tap one of these talents and hit the level up button. You need items such as scrolls, XP books, and more to level up their talents.

Just close to the develop tab, there would be rewards tab; head to it and there you can claim the free rewards. Bonus: — Go to the bonus tab to check out the consort impact or effect; read the consort guide below for more info.

To develop the Viziers, you need; enhance badges. You can obtain these badges from the badge packs. How to get badge shards? Participate in the events to earn badge shards.

The military attribute affects the fights. When you marry consorts, you get benefits of all these attributes. If you want more consorts, then head to the Masquerade guide below to know more.

Consorts titles is a new feature; it was added in the last patch. Here you can promote the consorts and receive more buffs.

Unlock six consorts to unlock this feature. If you have not yet unlocked this feature and curious to know what is it, then check out our new post here Consorts Titles: Everything you need to know.

By raising these attributes, you can get more rewards from the imperial parliament and do well in the fights. You can develop Heirs using vitality points; you get two vitality points after every certain amount of time.

When an heir grows up or gets the promotion, the marriage feature gets unlocked. There is another option also; Random Visit. But this will not increase the intimacy points.

So what is it? It increases the consort XP. Consort XP is used to increase the skill of Viziers.

Which type of boost do you get? It allows you to meet consorts or interesting people. How to do that? Just keep visiting. At a certain point, she will come to Harem and you will be able to marry her.

Keep in mind that only one meeting with the consort does not let her come to the harem. Meet multiple times to create a bond.

Energy refills gradually. Increasing these points will increase the chances of interacting with a consort. You can obtain this item from the shop in exchange for gems.

You need to gain experience to level up. There are a number of ways to obtain experience points in Game Of Sultans;.

Tip — boost the military attribute of Viziers, consorts, heirs to do well in the battles. At the beginning of the game, you have only access to the campaign mode.

As you progress or defeat more, Sultan gains experience. In the battle, soldiers attack the enemies automatically. To win the battle, increase the soldiers; you can acquire soldiers from levy, by completing the quests.

And to defeat the enemy king, you need to appoint a strong vizier. So make sure to increase the level or talent level of all the viziers.

If you are out of soldiers, then you can use diamonds. This item grants K soldiers to the player. Your Viziers can learn skills in the academy.

This will also increase the PvP level of these characters. All you need to do is increase the level of the Sultan.

How to level up fast? There is only one way we would recommend you and that is to focus on the campaign mode. Defeat the enemies and earn XP. Many of us forget to use the items we get by completing the quest.

Tap it to know what is it or use it. If you want to change the name in Game Of Sultans, then there would be an item named renaming card.

Use it to change the name. Items like earing, rings are used to reward the consort in Harem. It increases its charm level.

XP boosters, books are the items, used in increasing the attributes of Viziers. If you want to get one more baby or kid or heir, then you have to increase the intimacy level of consort.

And to increase it, you have to visit the consort. Random visit rewards you consort XP. On the same screen, tap the consort portrait and hit the visit button premium visit cost is diamonds.

With this premium visit, the consort will gain intimacy points. Also, see — Top class adventure games for Android.

On the main screen, on the right side, tap the lamp option. Light the lamp to get the reward. In Frontier facility, you can participate in events; hunting grounds.

Basically, in this mode, Viziers hunt the animals and you earn gold, score points, and tokens. As you know, Viziers help you in many ways.

And their skills matter a lot. In the last update, Game Of Sultans has added a free way to obtain diamonds.

On the main screen, on the left side of the screen, tap the videos icon and watch the video. Pirate Hunter is the new event in Game Of Sultans.

In this event, you join a fleet and hunt the pirates. Tap the hunt now button. If you find a pirate ship, then tap the attack button.

You can attack a ship once every certain amount of time. You could also find pirate chests, drowning men. To open these chests, you need keys; complete the achievement to earn these keys.

Most Important Tip: — Participate in the events for premium items such as feast tokens, chest keys, badge shards, and more.

There is a cap of three turns; after that, you will have to wait until the energy restores. But, you can use the energy orb to restore the energy instantly.

Tap the recovery button after consuming the three attempts. These are the fortune points. When you claim the chests from the daily quests, these points are automatically added to the Masquerade fortune stock.

If the game is prompting that you have reached the union contribution limit, then it means someone from the union was either kicked or left and he made the contribution on that day.

The number of donations is equal to the number of people in the union. They will help you acquire more resources and keep the Imperial Parliament in check.

So always stay in touch with them to see if there are issues or problems. Tip 4 — Raise strong heirs from your harem of beautiful consorts.

As a strong and powerful Sultan, you will have many beautiful spouses that will give birth to your heirs. Your children will solidify your empire, so you must raise them and introduce them to their royal destiny.

In these events, you will get more rewards, goodies, bonuses, and prizes. Please let us know your view about the best vizier in Game of Sultans in the comment box, your response is valuable to us.

If you found this article helpful do follow us on twitter. I personally like and prefer Ahmelek. I think the creators put too much emphasis on the upgraded vizier and not enough on the assurance I think they need to rethink.

Game of Sultans the best viziers. Who is the best vizier in Game of Sultans? Consort and Harmony Bonus Guide.

Resource Management Guide. Related Articles. While there are some social features that are definitely worth taking advantage of, we will be touching on them in future guides, as the main focus of this guide is to help you get a feel of the complex world you will be ruling as a virtual sultan.

One of the first things you will get to do in this game is command your army to victory against an AI enemy castle. When taking over a castle, you will face several waves of enemy soldiers, with each succeeding wave tougher to defeat than the last one.

Each campaign chapter consists of multiple castles, with the final castle representing your big face-off against the enemy general, who is like the boss character for each chapter.

Instead, the Levies function allows you to gather more grain, currency Wealth , and soldiers simply by tapping on the Levy button.

These Imperial Affairs are basically dilemmas that you need to decide on — for example, you may be asked if you want to train a group of new soldiers instead of tested war veterans.

The types of rewards may vary — bonus Grain or Wealth, new Attribute Books to help improve your Viziers, or various other goodies for answering in the affirmative.

Regardless of the reward type, though, you will always get bonus XP if you answer in the negative. All things considered, your answers to the Imperial Affairs questions will depend on your needs.

Und so hat auch dieses Game of Sultans hier einen großen Anspruch und zwar eine spannende Kombination aus Imperiums-Simulation und. Game of Sultans ist ein toller Mix aus Rollenspiel- und Simulation. Werdet ihr der beste Herrscher werden? Hier gibt es Tipps zum kostenlosen. Consorts and Heir - Game of Sultans Walkthrough and Tips. Consorts Consorts are generally the Sultan's concubine. In the game however, they serve two. Werde zum Sultan? Ein Imperium erwartet deinen Befehl! Stell deinen Harem zusammen? Flirte mit wunderschönen und einflussreichen Königinnen!
Game Of Sultans Tipps
Game Of Sultans Tipps Game of Sultans tips: The Best Vizier in Game of Sultans Vizier is the key feature of this game. Your empire’s progress, prosperity, strength everything directly depends upon them. Therefore, you must have a strong and clear view of viziers. 8/17/ · Gathering resources in Game of Sultans is done almost automatically, in the sense that you don’t need to set up any special buildings, such as farms to create more food or barracks to train more soldiers, for instance. Game of Sultans guides and tips site was created to deep dive in Game of Sultans by players already experienced, but who wish to chase the top. In other words, using our guides you can stay top in game even if you’re VIP0-VIP4. Good luck to you. Now these guides are available: Game of Sultans guide: Vizier and Consort leveling. Weitere Meldungen anzeigen. Um nicht Spielothek Kaiserslautern sagen identisch, nur etwas anrüchiger, da Polygamie nicht ganz Manchester United Vs Chelsea angesagt wirkt. Jedes Details wurde so ausgefeilt, dass sich der Spieler in brutalen Kriegen, militärischer Strategie, romantischen Flirts, Imperiums-Verwaltung, politischen Intrigen und mehr verlieren kann! Game of Sultans is an empire building role-playing game where you can enjoy the life of a sultan of Europe and Middle Eastern kingdom. Also, you can experience immersive and brutal wars, different military strategies, empire management, political diplomacy, and much more in just one game! If you wish to live life of a Sultan, then have a look at the below mentioned review and know more about Gold, Grains, Diamonds, etc. Read on for some tips and tricks for Game of Sultans! In the campaigns, battling is done automatically between your troops and the enemy’s troops. The outcome is based on your power level compared to the enemy’s power level, and the main way to increase your own power level is to power up your viziers. Game of Sultans - Gold and Diamonds free is here for you to add unlimited Gold and Diamonds infinitee in Game of Sultans cheat codes latest update tested click button on top on this page and. You can’t help but love this game! In Game of Sultans, you build your empire and much more: you build a harem as well with various beautiful consorts, you get heirs that you develop, you have to deal with pressing problems in the empire there’s a lot to do in this game and everything is different from what you’ve played, so you will absolutely love this game!. Game of Sultans guide, tips, cheats & strategies: – This Game of Sultans will teach you the basics “how to play”, about consorts, viziers, and other things such as progression, getting powerful, upgrades, in-game currencies or items, and much more. So, let’s get straight to the Game of Sultans guide and tips: – Basics; Ultimate Guide. Episode Hack. Note: Use buttons in the lower right corner of the screen to jump to the Review or Guides. Kat Queen Online Reply June 30, at am. It is one of the most important resources in the game as Gold can be used to upgrade your viziers and also to purchase and improve your war cannons and other equipment.
Game Of Sultans Tipps

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Diese Rätsel sind nicht allzu schwer. It scored 3. F2P Friendly. But it all comes with the territory of mobile RPGs, as Winfest said these games were walks in the park when it Hardwarebeschleunigung Aktivieren Windows 7 32 Bit to the overall learning curve. You need items such as scrolls, XP books, and more to level up their talents. How do you use pve seals? Some viziers specialize in Military, Politics, Prestige, and Research. I keep getting assigned maids. One of these abilities or features you get to unlock through leveling Washington Wizards Roster is the Masquerade. Bonus: — Go to the bonus tab to check out the consort impact or effect; read the consort guide below for more info. How to get badge shards? Wenn du bessere Spiele freischaltest, kannst du den Fokus wechseln - aber du hast nie mehr als 4 Red Slevin, weil du es dir einfach nicht leisten kannst, Leiterspiel Schmidt aufzurichten und zu verrückten Generälen aufzurüsten. This is the attribute that adds up to your total empire power. Related Articles. Lost most of your army in a tough battle? What are the orange gems that you get from the daily quests?
Game Of Sultans Tipps



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